About Me

Hi, my name is Maria B. and I am a wife and mother of two. After experiencing trial and error with finding soaps for my husband and eldest son who both have sensitive skin, I embarked on finding a solution and gave natural soap making a try.

After researching, experimenting, and formulating a recipe, I crafted the perfect lavender soap that was great on the entire family's skin. No more skin irritations from harsh chemicals!

Soaping not only became a way to protect my family's skin, soaping ignited a passion and BSculptd was born. Being a believer and an artist at heart, it's an extension of an outlet of creativity using my God given talents. I absolutely love being able to create beautiful Artisan Soaps and bath products with nourishing ingredients that gently cleanse the skin.

Now as a Mompreneur, I enjoy dabbling with new recipes and sharing products with you and your family. I hope you enjoy these creations.

BLove BHope BJoy BSculptd